ASAGIRI KYOTO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE is Japanese patent agency based in Uji City, of Kyoto, Japan. Our name, “ASAGIRI” came from Asagiri-bridge (picture above) which was build to commemorate the novel of “The Tail of Genji”, and the bridge is used to access to Ujigami Shrine, a world heritage site. We are the only intellectual property law office in Uji which is both a historically rich and an industrialized city.

About Us

Formed in January, 2005 in Uji City, Kyoto.
Moved to current location for business expansion in September, 2008

We, ASAGIRI KYOTO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE are a comprehensive intellectual property firm specializing all aspects of intellectual property (IP). We aim to provide appropriate service and advice to clients at each stage of business from the early planning stage (starting companies, developing new services and products, etc) for granting and protecting patent rights. Drawing upon our experience and knowledge in of Research and Development in the IP field, we also aim to offer a comprehensive range of IP services.

Because there are so many unique patent applications, we believe all our service should be customized to suite each client. We promise to provide the professional services that our clients demand at anytime.

Also, we do our best to establish relationships with our clients that will contribute to our mutual success in intellectual matters to provide comprehensive service for national and international applications. We have a global network of agencies specializing in international intellectual property applications.

It is very important to obtain knowledge of IP rights for inventing, protecting, and granting IP rights for on businesses. We are always pleased to advise for IP business strategy, and offer IP educational services to companies, organizations, and individual clients.

What We Do

We provide our clients with full range of services related patents, copyrights, trademarks, designs, and related intellectual property both domestically and internationally for:

  • Prior Art Search of Patent;
  • Filing and Registration Services;
  • IP Prosecution;
  • IP Law Services;
  • IP Protection;
  • IP Management;
  • IP Litigation Services;
  • IP Consulting Services;
  • (Copyrights, License Agreements, Group Research, Business Strategy, etc).

Areas of Speciality

Patents/Utility Models: Machinery

Patents: Chemistry, Biotechnology, Electrical, IT, Software, Business Methods

Trademarks: All areas

Design: All areas

Our Clients

Domestic Manufacturers
National Institute of Information and Communication
National University Corporations
Private Business Owners


(President/ Patent Attorney)

2005: Founding Asagiri Kyoto Intellectual Property Office


2003: Patent Attorney

2006: Specific Infringement Lawsuits Counsel

1996: Master degree in Agricultural Chemistry at Kyoto University

Past Employment Positions:
1996: Gekkeikan Sake Company
General Research Laboratory
1998: Patent Agency in Kyoto

65-3, Okubo-cho Kitanoyama, Takagi Bldg. 3F, Uji-shi, Kyoto 611-0033 JAPAN
Tel :+81-774-26-1395 Fax:+81-774-48-1095